St. Mary's Succeeds at Model UN
St. Mary's Succeeds at Model UN

St. Mary's was represented by 47 students at Tennessee's Model United Nations Conference. Led by General Assembly President Megan Wassef and fellow officers Amy Kathawala and Sophia Mokhtari, St. Mary's represented 11 different countries, worked in the press corps, participated in the Security Council and the Secretariat, and defended a case in the International Court of Justive (ICJ).

In Model UN, the country-teams present their resolutions in committees, and are then ranked and moved into general assemblies (GA) based on their rank. Of the 11 teams, eight St. Mary's teams made it to the GA. Time prevented all eight from being presented in GA, but of the five that were presented, four of them passed by significant margins.

At the conclusion of the conference, St. Mary's students received numerous awards.
  • Outstanding Delegates: Quinn Farr, Carmen Freeman, Zoya Latif
  • Outstanding Bill: Team Papua/New Guinea - Madison Brode, Mason Davis, Quinn Farr
  • Outstanding Bill: Team Lebanon - Kennedy Hamblen, Sophie Morrow, Nayla Nassif, Hadiyah Qureshi
  • Outstanding Secretary: Alina Perez
Also, the ICJ team of Lily Monroe and Sneha Sharma were one of two novice teams selected to research and present the final case.

Next year's officers (pictured) were announced, and many St. Mary's students will be involved.
  • Chaplain: Adalyn Meeks
  • Print Managing Editor: Liz Saeed
  • Print Layout Editor: Sabrina Spence
  • ICJ Liaison: Sneha Sharma
  • ICJ Justice: Lily Monroe
  • Security Council Liaison: Isra Ahmed
  • General Assembly Vice President: Lauren Moore