Early Childhood

Consider a learning environment where each girl is one of a kind, individually gifted, and smart in her own way. We believe in guiding each student to reach her full - and wholly unique - potential. With our 100% girl culture, our students aren't afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Expert teachers will ignite her curiosity and fuel her passions. At St. Mary's Episcopal School, your daughter will learn there are no boundaries to what she can achieve.

Our Early Childhood is an emergent curriculum that is led by the interests of the students. Integrated into daily lessons and projects, our preschool girls learn to:

  • build upon her natural sense of wonder
  • investigate the world around her
  • explore new concepts and ideas
  • engage in meaningful play
  • learn to cooperate in a group
  • practice communicating effectively with others
  • develop a sense of autonomy

A great emphasis is placed on the development of all areas of literacy; written language, spoken language, and listening. Focusing on beginning writing and reading readiness skills, we introduce our girls to a wealth of literature and give them opportunities to engage in the creative process of telling their own stories.

Our math program is a developmental program that encourages an interest in mathematic concepts. Basic concepts are introduced and taught through interactive experiences that emphasize the use of mathematics everyday. This "hands on" approach to math has proven to be both effective and enjoyable.

Technology is integrated into and supports every aspect of our program in a meaningful and appropriate way. Our program is enhanced by special subject areas that include Spanish, Physical Education, Creative Movement, Music, Art, Science and Library.

Jeanne Wilson, Ed.D.

Head of Early Childhood

ECC Office Contact

Jacinta Miller