Middle School


Those of us who work in the Middle School feel we have the best of all worlds. ~ Todd Love, Middle School Head

Todd Love

In Middle School, students are beginning to develop into confident, intellectual young women. At the same time, they do so with the vibrancy and enthusiasm of young girls.

An extremely dedicated faculty work hard each day to challenge our students to become the readers, writers and thinkers, the budding artists, scientists, and historians they will need to be for the Upper School and beyond.

Yet while we take what we do seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Middle School, after all, should be a time of opportunity. A time to try a new sport. To learn how to play an instrument. To forge friendships which can last a lifetime.

By the time our girls are ready to move on, they have an inkling of who they are as young adults and what passions they wish to pursue in the years ahead.


The Middle School journey is one of growing independence, both in class selection and personal growth. Explore the path through Middle School below.

5th Grade

5th grade is a time of transition, as students move across the street to the South Campus, experience the excitement of a new building, and begin forming friendships outside their grade level as they participate in extra-curricular activities, daily chapel, and other community-building activities. On their first day of school, 5th graders are matched with a Senior buddy for the morning, who welcomes them to the South Campus. 5th graders with their senior buddies on the first day of school.

In 5th grade, girls continue their studies in English, math, science, music, art and Spanish. Students explore wider world through geography, creative expression, JA BizTown and drama. 5th graders take a class trip to Nashville, visiting the state capitol and a variety of museums and historic sites.

5th grade is a big change for students, who are now changing classes every period, doing more independent work, and responsible for their books and tracking homework assignments. The 5th grade teaching team and Middle School administrators are in constant contact with the girls, through regular class periods dedicated to helping them navigate their first year of Middle School with confidence.

6th Grade

In 6th grade, students begin to craft their own journey by choosing their path in languages and music, as well as continuing in the traditional areas of study.

Students can continue the study of Spanish or engage in a new language, Latin. Girls choose between choral or instrumental music.Math and sewing combine for the study of measuring area. Roboticsis the focus of 6th grade science, which The 6th grade class trip is an overnight excursion to Huntsville, Alabama, where they will continue an exploration of space started in science class at the Space Center.

Team athletics begin in 6th grade, opening the door to new sports from volleyball to golf.

7th Grade

In 7th grade, students continue their core studies and add new elements to their curriculum.

Speaking at JA BizTown

The study of science moves into the life sciences, and speech is added to the fine arts curriculum. Service is a very important part of the 7th grade curriculum, as students venture outside St. Mary's in a unique service learning program.

A journey to Land Between the Lakes is the highlight of the 7th grade year, as students and their teachers take learning on the road, and build a greater community.

8th Grade

8th Graders at the Washington Monument

8th grade is the pinnacle of Middle School, as students move into leadership opportunities, explore American history through curriculum and a trip to Washington, D.C., and begin receiving high school credit for select language and math courses.

In 8th grade, Ensemble offers the unique opportunity to dig in to four areas of creative expression - art, drama, dance and film making. The year ends with a special class day celebration marking the end of the Middle School years.

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