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I grew up playing basketball and football in a small Nebraska town. After an all-star highschool career and a very short term college effort, I started fencing in a class offered by the gymnastics coach at the University of Nebraska. He had worked with one of the great U.S. coaches of the 60's and 70's, Raoul Sudre at Cornell University.

I continued fencing off-and-on over the next 25 years, picking up again in 1998 traveling to St. Louis every couple of weeks or so for 8 months to work with Maestro Bella Walther.

During and following this work, I medalled in saber at the 1999 National Veterans Championships and was ranked in the top 20 of all three weapons the next year.

In regional tournaments, I have won over 30 tournaments with an additional 24 second and third place finishes,

The most gratifying wins, however, have been with the MUS/St. Mary's Teams and the State Championships and individual winning performances over the last years.

Brad Kroeker

Assistant Coach

Sergey Petrosyan