Flik Dining

Flik Dining

Fueling the minds, bodies, and souls of girls at St. Mary's Episcopal School is important work for us. As we continue to build on our dynamic wellness program that nurtures our students' bodies, we hope you and your daughter have found Flik Independent School Dining to be a welcome addition to the St. Mary's family. The concept around our newly invigorated dining program focuses on the idea of "fresh and familiar," and Chef Manager Penny Stewart and her team are excited to deliver on that promise. The lunch options are varied and delicious, and the "My School Dining" app and website make it easy to find menus and plan for the week ahead. As Flik adapts to life at St. Mary's, we will continue to roll out more dynamic features of our dining program as seek innovative ways to serve our community.

We are excited to offer meal plans this school year. A few quick facts:

  • Please check the meal plan options so that you can determine what works best for your family's needs. The plans are simple to use, and your daughter will have plenty of choices for a complete meal without making additional purchases.

  • Plans come in semester and year-long options. We have a six week sample meal plan available for Fall 2016 with the option to buy-in for the rest of the semester at a prorated price.

  • Our dining services do not accept cash, so please set up a declining balance account for her for individual purchases.

Menus are now at your fingertips! One of the greatest improvements that Flik brings to us is easy access to menus through the My School Dining (MSD) app for your smartphone. Download the app for iOS or Android, enter "St. Mary's Episcopal School" as your school. You can also view the menus online.

To join this exciting program, please print this form, choose the program that fits your needs, and drop it off or mail it to the school with a check attached.

If you have any questions about Flik or the dining program at St. Mary’s, please contact:

Penny Stewart — Chef Manager