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Founded in 1847, St. Mary’s educates girls age 2 through 12th grade.

For nearly 175 years, our all-girls school has provided has provided girls in Memphis with the finest education possible. We are one of only nine Episcopal girls’ schools in the country and are a community of individuals from different neighborhoods, ethnic backgrounds, and faiths who respect one another's differences and honor our shared values. We invite you to see for yourself why you belong at St. Mary's. 


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Academic Excellence

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St. Mary’s is a tight-knit community with a focus on academic excellence.

St. Mary's has long been known for its academic excellence. Here, every teacher, every lesson, every resource is dedicated to girls and how they learn best. We know that girls develop verbal skills early on resulting in a propensity for reading and language. An all-girls education provides a supportive, nurturing environment where girls can explore the boundaries of what is possible. 

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In Early Childhood, girls are immersed in experiences that nurture learning and growth. Our youngest students engage in meaningful learning moments that build their confidence and cultivate a love of learning.     
Brennan Adrian
Head of Early Childhood

The Lower School is where our girls begin to develop their independence and drive. During this time, they begin to chart their course for success in learning and in life through exploration, inquiry, and curiosity.
Marcisha Brazley-Keith
Head of Lower School

katherine house

During the Middle School years, our students are beginning to develop into confident, intellectual young women. At the same time, they do so with the vibrancy and enthusiasm of young girls.

Katherine House
Head of Middle School

St. Mary's students are supported in furthering their skills and talents while also encouraged to explore new interests and ideas. Our Upper Schoolers dwell in the realm of possibility while developing a tool kit for the real world.
Lauren Rogers
Head of Upper School

Beyond the Classroom

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St. Mary's offers 40 athletic teams and over 20 clubs and organizations.


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Unique Program Offers the Opportunity to Engage in High-Level Research
  • Upper School

The Honors Independent Research Study (HIRS) program offers a unique opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to conduct an original, engaging research project of their choosing. HIRS students begin their research project in the summer by completing hands-on work in partnership with a community mentor who is an expert in the field.

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You had me at bonjour!
  • Upper School

St. Mary’s senior Maggie Akers was one of 23 students who traveled to France recently as part of the school’s Global Education Program. St. Mary’s Global Education program encourages students to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action.

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Asking Questions
  • Lower School

“I love teaching girls because they are curious, imaginative, creative, and fun-loving,” says Stephanie Poje. As Lower School Learning Specialist, Ms. Poje works with teachers, parents, and administrators to develop individual learning plans for students, guiding each student toward reaching her full academic potential.

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Tackling Equations With Confidence
  • Middle School

“I hope by the end of the year my students learn to be the students they are capable of being, each reaching her individual potential,” said St. Mary’s veteran teacher, Lynda Lyttle. For 36 years, Ms. Lyttle has taught St. Mary’s Middle School students how to tackle equations, giving them the skills they need to confidently solve for any variable. 

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Embracing Your Talents
  • Upper School

Julie Millen says, “I want my students to learn that they are talented in a multitude of ways.” As Chair of the Fine Arts Department and Director of Upper School Choir and Chamber Ensemble, Ms. Millen teaches her students to embrace their artistic talents, giving them the instruction and skills they need to grow as both a performer and a student. 

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Creative Counseling
  • All-School

“Our counseling program is proactive instead of reactive. Beginning in SK, we work to empower the girls with the skill set they need to navigate friendships, communicate effectively, and understand their feelings,” shares Lauren Mitchell, North Campus Counselor.

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Founders' Day
  • All-School

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, we celebrated our inaugural Founders’ Day, an annual event to honor St. Mary's legacy, perseverance, and resiliency over 176 years. This special day honors the people who brought St. Mary’s into being and those who played a key role in fostering its growth over time. ⁠⁠

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There is so much more to a St. Mary's education than what happens in the classroom. Three quarters of St. Mary's girls are athletes, and half of those are multi-sport athletes. More than half of the Upper School participates in music. We produce two plays a year in Upper School and one each in Lower and Middle School. Our Mock Trial team wins awards every year. Our girls don't have to choose between being students or athletes. They are both. And musicians. And thespians. And community volunteers.

After St. Mary's

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Our alumnae are changing the world.


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Outstanding Alumna Kat Gordon ’00 recaptures her vision in uncertain times

Her knees were still knocking as she and her husband got in their beach-bound car after Alumnae Weekend. Kat Gordon ’00 was in disbelief to have received the 2020-21 Outstanding Alumna Award and to have her name listed on the same plaque as retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Nora Wingfield Tyson ’75. As a sophomore, Kat sat witness in Chapel the day Tyson accepted the award in 1998. Since then, she’s been a self-proclaimed fangirl.

Now, with what are sure to be dozens of fangirls of her own, Kat is the owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop, which she opened in 2008. Twenty years prior, she was a St. Mary’s kindergartner struggling to make it through the school day without a nap. With a 14-year tenure, she certainly qualifies as an SMS “lifer.” Kat happily renewed her connection with St. Mary’s after college as a volunteer in the advancement office. Since then, she has served as the Alumnae Board president and gained three sisters-in-law who are fellow Turkeys. Needless to say, her ties to SMS are deep.

Kat Gordon ’00

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