Head of Middle School

For 2018-19 School Year

St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee seeks a dynamic and innovative Head of Middle School at one of the nation's finest college preparatory girls' schools. St. Mary's offers an exceptional program that combines the best of tradition and innovation. A St.. Mary's experience focuses through four specific lenses of knowledge set, skill set, mindset, and value set to form the foundation for lifelong learning. The Head of Middle School is responsible for the management and overall effectiveness of the Middle School, which serves grades six through eight. Reporting directly to the Head of School, he or she also serves as a member of the administrative team. The Head of Middle School will ensure the care and quality of education for middle school students and teachers; guide students, parents, faculty, and staff; and oversee the development of the middle school curriculum. He or she will spearhead all internal and external communications and meetings for students, parents, and faculty and participate in a variety of school-wide community functions. Critical to a St. Mary's education is the Middle School Head's ability to keep our girls in health of mind and soul and body through our exceptional character development program in an academically challenging environment.


The mission of St. Mary's Episcopal School is to provide a superior educational experience for girls which will encourage and enable each student to reach her individual potential.

Opportunities for the next Head of Middle School:

  • Serving as a senior-level administrator on a talented leadership team that plans strategically for the entire school.
  • Leading a talented middle school faculty that functions collaboratively through a team structure that is student-focused.
  • Serving as a leader in a community that encourages wellness and creativity.
  • Building upon a strong foundation of academic excellence and best teaching practices with innovative new programs while balancing resources and time of faculty and students.
  • Reviewing staffing, evaluations, and responsibilities of the middle school faculty.

The Ideal Candidate will be:

  • Experienced in school administration and leadership positions, preferably in independent schools.
  • Experienced with student guidance and discipline matters in school settings.
  • Knowledgeable about curriculum, best teaching practices, and innovative trends in education.
  • Experienced in recruiting, hiring, mentoring, supervising, and evaluating faculty.
  • Trained in social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of adolescents and able to apply that understanding in the creation and oversight of curriculum and programs.
  • Approachable, warm, joyful.
  • Adept in articulating the school's mission and program with passion and enthusiasm in large groups and one-on-one.
  • Collaborative in an admissions team.
  • Attuned to a growth mindset.
  • Capable of balancing innovation and tradition.

Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School strives to provide a flexible and consistent environment that emphasizes intellectual and personal development. The best and highest academic potential in young adolescent girls is achieved in a nurturing, diverse environment that supports their intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs. In addition to content mastery, our middle school students learn study skills and strategies and gain confidence by developing the tools needed for academic success at every level. Our program is enhanced by special subject areas that include world languages, science, physical education, music, science, religion, and library. Technology is integrated into and supports our program in meaningful and appropriate ways. In addition to content and skills in the individual disciplines, the curriculum engages students in the process of learning, the development of good study habits and organization, and the importance of self-advocacy and taking responsibility for one's learning. Every student works closely with a small advisory group to foster authentic relationships and community building. Students have access to their classroom teachers every morning for thirty minutes each day to ask questions or receive extra help.

The School

St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee, is an independent college-preparatory school for girls two-years-old through grade 12. At St. Mary's, we prepare our students in a vibrant learning community that balances core knowledge and transformative innovation. St. Mary's equips each girl to be collaborative, creative, and courageous so that she will seize the opportunities in the changing world and thrive in her generation. St. Mary's is committed to academic excellence, offering a classic liberal arts curriculum in conjunction with strong science and math programs. Students also enjoy a thriving performing and fine arts program, work with the latest technology, and participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities and community service. For more than 165 years, St. Mary's has been helping girls develop their minds, character, and spirit.

St. Mary's is an independent Episcopal School; although not governed by the Church of the Holy Communion or the Diocese of West Tennessee, we benefit from a close partnership. St. Mary's board-approved statement on Episcopal identity guides the school and board in policy-setting and decision-making. The policy of need-blind admissions, provisions of financial aid to students in need, and a commitment to diversity exist in all aspects of the school.

Our Episcopal Identity

St. Mary's seeks to express the Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition, providing a uniquely expansive environment in which Christians and non-Christians can affirm together God, who transcends all creeds and religions. Being strong and comfortable in one's faith, while being knowledgeable and respectful of the faith of others, may be more important today than ever. St. Mary's helps students to delve more deeply into the Christian faith in a way that simultaneously deepens one's knowledge and love of Jesus while expanding one's appreciation of the faith traditions of non-Christians. In such an environment, Christians and non-Christians are encouraged to find God at work in each other and to find truth in places they might otherwise not have looked. The middle and upper school community gathers daily in the Church of the Holy Communion for worship according to the Book of Common Prayer, while the younger students attend weekly chapel services that are age appropriate. St. Mary's seeks to be an Episcopal School where students demonstrate love and respect for others through respectful behavior and service learning. As a school located in the heart of Memphis, we value our differences as much as our similarities. We honor the individual that lives inside each girl and help her learn how to recognize and develop her unique abilities.

Send letter of interest, resume, and educational philosophy to:

Laura Leathers, Assistant Head of School
St. Mary's Episcopal School
60 Perkins Extended
Memphis, TN, 38117