Media and Communications


Use of the School’s identity (formal or informal) must run through and be approved by the Communications Department. Any communications/media incorporating the St. Mary's name, logos, or communicating school-related information must be approved by the Communications Department. This includes invitations, stationery, letterhead, letters, flyers, posters, banners, signs, publications, t-shirts, items sold for fundraising, Gobble Gear merchandise, and anything created by coaches, faculty, staff, parents, or students with the St. Mary's name, logo, or athletic logo. All St. Mary's t-shirts and clothing items that have a logo, including athletics, or the school name must be approved by the Communications Department.  Please contact us for school logos and a current Style Guide.

This includes social media profiles and handles, online account names and URLs, and any other form of public representation.


Website, Newsletter, and Social Media

Please contact Director of Communications, Jennifer Parris (901-537-1426), to have an item posted on the school’s website, information added to the all-school newsletter, or social media. Please note that content submissions are subject to approval and may be edited for clarity and grammatical accuracy.

Parent Communications

St. Mary's Communications Department strives to provide up-to-date information on a routine basis to students and parents. We recently launched a new, easy-to-use parent portal, Veracross. This password-protected website has all the information you need to know in one place, including grades, directories, bill pay, calendars, and more. We will continue to add resources to the site in the coming months.

School news is communicated via a weekly all-school newsletter, the St. Mary's website, and communication from school to home when necessary.

Student Publicity

The Communications Department highlights stories of our students who participate in on-campus programs and events as well as sports that fall underneath the School's athletic teams.