Beta Club 2023

During today's Chapel, 63 members of the Upper School were inducted into The National Beta Club. The National Beta Club promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership. St. Mary’s Upper School students who meet the academic, character, and service requirements may apply for membership. The eligible students submit an application detailing what service and leadership means to them and what community service they have done. We welcomed 39 freshmen, 14 sophomores, 8 juniors, and 1 senior into Beta Club. 

Mr. Throckmorton honored the new inductees by saying, “This service you rendered tells a wonderful story, the most important part of which is you serve not because you have to, but because you want to. And you will continue to serve. Thank you for your hearts of compassion.  The needs have never been greater and the circumstances of serving may have been more challenging.”

Congratulations to the new inductees! Names along with grades are listed below.

Aleesha Awan 9
Maddie Barden 9
Amelia Block 9
Marlee Bostick 10
Landry Boswell 9
Madison Burt 12
Caroline Chandler 9
Eleanor Chandler 9
Hannah Chatellier 11
Cate Ciaramitaro 9
Lilly Coggin 9
Ava Cohen 9
Lil Cubbins 9
Erin Dambrie 9
Sophie Dang 10
Eva Ferdinand 9
Quinn Ferebee 9
Evie Fore 10
Elle Fowler 10
Day Galbreath 9
Allan Golden 9
McNaron Gray 9
MC Hitt 9
Addison Hook 9
Kim Huang 10
Casey Jang 9
Phoebe Jenkins 10
Molly Kirshbaum 9
Julie Kyle 10
Alice Lee 11
Lilly Belle Longsworth 11
Genesis Martin 10
Lindsey Massey 9
Adriana McDonald 11
Zoe McMullen 11
Ellie Midha 9
Meagan Miller 9
Emma O'Leary 10
Jocelyn Oropeza 9
Montana Pierce 9
Emily Poindexter 9
Chloe Polk 9
Adriana Porter Meachem 11
Lucy Roberts 9
Blaney Rowe 10
Jourdan Russell 11
Sophia Sandoval 11
Elizabeth Scott 9
Langston Scrugham 10
Audrey Stifter 9
Isabella Tamburrino 10
Maggie Taylor 9
Allie Thomas 10
Emma Thompson 9
Marin Thompson 9
Izzie Tonkin 11
Ella Townsend 9
Krithika Vaidyanathan 9
Leighton Visinsky 9
Alana Wade 9
McCall Ward 10
Parker Wells 9
Sophia Wilson 9

  • Upper School

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