Beta Club 2024

Congratulations to the 76 Upper School students who were inducted into The National Beta Club today! These girls excel academically and are known by teachers and peers as well-rounded individuals. They have also shown outstanding leadership in a multitude of service projects. 

The National Beta Club's mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievements, character, leadership, and service. Students meeting the academic requirements are reviewed by faculty to assess their character and leadership. The eligible students are then invited to submit an application detailing what service and leadership mean to them and their community service. We are proud of the following girls.

Class of 2024:
Lily Kate Heard

Class of 2025:
Saniya Covington
Helen Dunlap
Elizabeth Ginn
Parker Hedges
Selin Hepvar
Caroline Hill
Kate Lam
Brooks May
Abby Rothrock
Juliana Rutschman
Natalie Smith
Parrish Smith
Tracy Zhang

Class of 2026:
Amirah Abdus-Salaam
Ivy Carls
Cat Carney
Cat Coryat
Edie Cowles
Sadie Dattel
Megan Gulla
Charlotte Hernandez
Amelia Simpson
Iris Trenthem
Kennedy Williams

Class of 2027:
Amal Ahmed
Dua Akbar
Mary Elizabeth Autry
Anna Kay Bell
Lillian Bergeron
Anabelle Bradford
Caroline Brezina
Brooke Brown
Addison Cannon
Emily Cole
Louise Cole
Bella Connell
Jillian Dobbins
Caroline Donato
Juliet Echols
Gemma Ferguson
Campbell Fields
Margaret Fore
Kynedi Fox
Mia Friedman
Mollie Ginn
Elizabeth Harrison
Calla Henton
Gracie Hill
Cayden King
Esme Larschan
Thea Larschan
Hannah Loden
Lucy Lyon
Carmen McGhee
Savannah Miller
Martha Mitchell
Joy Montague
Christina Moon
Alistair Mu
Gracie Nastasi
Karlye Kate Nguyen
Lucy Pai
Abby Portnoy
Jilly Ramser
Jane Russell
Lily Saavedra-Willet
Kate Schell
Aaliyah Sharif
Paulina Soefker
Ellie Spillyards
Wesley Washburn
Kate Whidden
Kate Witherington
Glynn Rachel Wittber
Maren Wittmann

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  • Upper School

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