Chapel Talk Series: Katherine House

For our Middle and Upper School girls, Chapel is part of the daily routine. This pause in our school day allows students to reset, worship, and learn from others. 

Over the course of a school year, each senior shares her own speech, a reflection of her time at St. Mary’s. Sometimes we have special guests like nonprofit leaders or alumnae who share their stories. Other times, we get to hear from our faculty and staff. 

In this Chapel Talk series, we’re giving you a glimpse inside the chapel so you, too, can learn from our faculty and staff’s words of wisdom.

Middle School Head Katherine House recently shared her hopes for the new year with our students and faculty. Mrs. House reflected on her own Middle School experience as she talked about being kind. She remembered that adults always reminded kids to be kind but that it wasn't always easy to recognize exactly what that looks like. 

Mrs. House talked about remembering proud moments but also wishing she could have some "do-overs." She said, “As a grown-up, it's a bit easier to know when you're making the choice to be kind because it's usually not the easiest choice and not exactly what you want to do.” However, when you go out of your way to be kind, you’re able to reflect proudly on your actions.

As we all strive to make the right choices, here is a list of hopes that Mrs. House says helps her remember what being kind really looks like.

“Be the one that is nice.
Be the one that smiles.
Be the one that goes the extra mile.
Be the one that says hello first.
Be the one that cheers.
Be the one that has time.
Be the one that makes room.
Be the one that thinks first.
Be the one that offers.
Be the one that slows down.
Be the one that asks.
Be the one that includes.
Be the one that waits.
Be the one that understands.
Be the one that admits.
Be the one that considers.
Be the one that volunteers.
Be the one that sits out.
Be the one that invites.
Be the one that listens.
Be the one that can.
Be the one that you will be proud to remember.”

“Be the One” originally appeared on Facebook in 2017.

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