Third-Graders Enhance Research Skills While Learning about Black Americans

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Throughout February, St. Mary's has recognized Black History Month. On the North Campus, students read literature by Black authors, focused on influential Black Americans in their classrooms and special subjects, and listened to Chapel talks featuring stories of Black Americans.

In the third grade, students paired learning about Black History Month with their newly developed research skills.

"This month, each third grader selected a famous Black American to learn more about and took charge of researching that individual. The girls had to learn how to conduct comprehensive research to learn about each individual's life and impact," said third grade teacher Jennifer Allen.

"Learning how to research is a big part of the third-grade curriculum. We introduced the research process to the students earlier in the year. Through this project, they have been able to hone their research skills by using databases to find reputable information," said third grade teacher Kristen Hehn.

From there, the students wrote a short report about their selected history-making figure and paired it with an original illustration. 

"I love the creative aspect of the project," said Mrs. Hehn. "The students don't just print out pictures; they create beautiful, authentic work." 

Once the report and illustration were complete, as a grade, the students made a timeline in the hallway showcasing the progressive impact of Black Americans. The timeline is currently on display by the third-grade classrooms in the Davis Building.

"In many ways, this is one of the most important months for our third graders," said Mrs. Allen. "They learn how to do independent research, as well as synthesize information, all while learning about the impact of so many Black Americans." 

The girls will continue learning about Black Americans who have made significant contributions to our culture as they study the timeline in the hallway.

"Students learned valuable life lessons from creating this timeline. One student said, 'I was able to learn that many small events led to large impacts in our history,'" said Mrs. Hehn.

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