Life Beyond St. Mary's: Cam Hart ’23

Student on college campus

As part of our Beyond St. Mary's series, we are catching up with recent alumnae. This week, we are checking in with Cam Hart ‘23, who shares how her time at St. Mary's prepared her for college life.

Our alumnae often share that St. Mary’s emphasis on grammar, writing, and literature sets them apart from their peers in college.

Cam Hart ’23, a first-year student at Emory University, echoed this sentiment. Hart, a double major in political science and English, shared, “My favorite classes at St. Mary's were my English classes. I am currently enrolled in a poetry class and a Shakespeare class. I have found myself well-prepared to succeed in these classes and answer any questions.”

St. Mary's students must take two literature classes, one composition class, and at least three English elective courses to graduate. The composition classes emphasize the art of revision and the mastery of rhetorical strategies through studying non-fiction work from various periods, disciplines, and contexts—developing skills students can apply to coursework beyond the English curriculum.

The curriculum at St. Mary's also helps students like Hart gain skills critical to college students, like time management. “St. Mary’s did not just prepare me for academic success, as I have also found it unusually easy to find a routine and manage my time. SMS girls are always busy with school, extracurriculars, and social life, and for me, that hasn’t had to change at Emory.”

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