Herzke Teaches Girls Kindness and Compassion

Meet Shelley Herzke, Senior Kindergarten Teacher

“I want my students to learn compassion and kindness over anything else,” says St. Mary’s veteran teacher Shelley Herzke. For more than 20 years, Ms. Herzke has worked with some of St. Mary’s youngest students, giving them a foundation for their academic journey and teaching them the importance of cooperation, respect, and kindness. “I want my students to be good citizens of our world,” she says.

Ms. Herzke loves watching her kindergarten students make connections in the learning process, like the first time a student reads a difficult word without help. She says, “I love it when my students have the ‘AHA’ moment. You can almost see a true light bulb go off.”

Shelley Herzke earned her undergraduate degree in special education before completing post-graduate work in elementary education. 

  • Early Childhood

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