Meet the Faculty: Lauren Cannon, ECC Art

I am so excited to be a part of your community as the Early Childhood Art Teacher. I have a master's degree in teaching for instruction and curriculum of K-12 art and a bachelor's in fine arts. My first “real” job was coordinating the arts and crafts activities for the Collierville Community Center when I was 16 years old, and I have followed this passion ever since.

My favorite thing about sharing my love for art-making is the “Ahaaa moment.” When a child recognizes her full potential for the first time, it is absolutely electric! One way to facilitate this moment is by using the learning environment as another teacher, allowing child-led creativity to flow. I also facilitate creativity in my students by presenting them with problems to solve. Watching creative problem-solving unfold on an individual level is so fulfilling. A student’s experience of making within parameters introduces her to critical thinking.

So far this year, we have studied light, shadow, rainbow, and color theory with a bit of art history mixed in. Each unit builds on the next. This December, we began our deep dive into line. We started with swirls. We use the power of observation to find swirls in art, nature, our indoor surroundings, and even ourselves (look at your fingerprints). We practice swirls with our whole bodies, our fingers, our eyes, and with glitter, of course!

In Senior Kindergarten, as students develop the vocabulary to clearly communicate their thoughts and actions, we begin most classes with compliment parties or art critiques. We spend time observing, sharing, presenting, and reflecting. The girls can ask a question, give a compliment, or share suggestions with each presenter, building key skills as well as a sense of community among the girls. Art is a place where one can fully dive into the beautiful elements of life and find one’s true self. It is a privilege to work and grow with your children. 

Lauren Cannon
ECC Art Teacher

  • Early Childhood

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