Turning Trash into Treasure

Every year, Early Childhood students have the opportunity to turn trash into treasures during the Tinker Fair. Senior Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, and Pre-Kindergarten students demonstrate their creativity by crafting imaginative structures and objects from recycled materials. This year, students built dollhouses, unicorns, and castles made from discarded materials like cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls.

The Tinker Fair teaches our youngest students how to bring an idea to life through planning and engineering. The process begins in the classroom, where the girls design a blueprint of their concept. Then, students identify and collect the necessary materials from the reusable supplies shop. Finally, the girls partner with our inventive fourth and fifth grade students, who have become expert tinkerers over the years, to construct their final products. ⁠

Through dedication and flexible thinking, each girl produced her own unique masterpiece.

  • Early Childhood

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