A Celebration of Making

Before spring break, our Lower School students participated in the 7th annual Maker Fair, a large-scale show and tell where students learn something new. This Lower School tradition offers an opportunity for students to spend the morning exploring, creating, learning, and leading. 

For the Maker Fair, Lower School teachers develop a creative activity related to science, technology, crafting, or the arts. The students then learn how to do the activity, help prep the supplies, and develop training steps and materials. During the Maker Fair, the 2nd-5th-grade students serve as activity leaders, showing the other students how to complete the activity. The student leaders must participate in a training day to learn how to complete their assigned activity and teach it to others. The students serve as leaders for one session and spend another session exploring the other stations with 1st-grade students.

This year’s Maker Fair was full of fun and challenging activities. The students traveled around the gym building harmonicas, racing balloon cars, tie-dying shirts, concocting potions, and many other activities. The Maker Fair is a creative space for students to experience hands-on, collaborative learning. It is a celebration of making!

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Student sitting at a desk inside of an independent grade school in Memphis, TN gymnasium
Independent elementary school for girls in Memphis, TN students inside of a gymnasium building structures
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