Asking Questions

Meet Stephanie Poje, Lower School Learning Specialist

“I love teaching girls because they are curious, imaginative, creative, and fun-loving,” says Stephanie Poje. As Lower School Learning Specialist, Ms. Poje works with teachers, parents, and administrators to develop individual learning plans for students, guiding each student toward reaching her full academic potential.

In her 24 years at St. Mary’s, Ms. Poje says she’s learned that “Girls are observant, brave, clever, ambitious, positive, courageous, and forgiving. They inspire me to dig deep within myself to do the best for them every day.” 

Ms. Poje’s role extends beyond teaching her students important academic skills. “My No. 1 job is to be their cheerleader. It is up to me to help them learn and believe that even if a task is hard at first, they can do it,” she says. 

One important lesson Ms. Poje instills in her students is that it is essential to ask questions and to ask for help. She says, “We all need help from time to time, and it is important to learn that asking for help is a sign of strength and intelligence.”

Ms. Poje attended the University of Central Arkansas, where she received both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Education with endorsements in early childhood education, general education, and special education. 

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