Kite Day at Shelby Farms

Second-grade students recently wrapped up a quarter-long collaborative project on birds, flight, and kites with a fun Kite Day at Shelby Farms. The project began in science class with Mrs. Ruhland, where the girls learned about birds, feathers, and wings. They also learned about the principles of flight. After the initial lesson on birds, each girl selected a type of bird to research. The students continued the project by conducting research in the library with Mrs. Brannen and Mrs. Denman. 
The students are then tasked with creating kites representative of their bird. In the Makerspace with Mrs. Ruhland, they began to make the kites. First, they measured and cut sails and spars for their kites. Then, Lower School Art Teacher Mrs. Logan helped the girls draw and paint their birds on the kite. Once they painted their sails, the girls returned to the Makerspace to assemble their kites.

To end the unit, the girls headed to Shelby Farms with their parents and teachers to test out the kites and enjoy a picnic with their special guests. It was incredible to see all the hard work come together as kites filled the sky.⁠

  • Lower School

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