6 Skills Middle School Students Develop



Study skills, time management, mind mapping, and growing independence are all an intentional part of the curriculum, helping our independent middle school girls become well prepared for Upper School.

Self advocacy

Girls begin to develop self-advocacy skills by knowing how and when to speak up and ask teachers for additional guidance and assistance. Teachers strive to find just the right balance between providing adult guidance and enabling girls to seek their own independent solutions.


One of the hallmarks of a St. Mary’s education is the emphasis on written and spoken communication. English grammar, writing, and literature are three separate classes in the 6th and 7th grades. With such a rich foundation in the English language, girls hone their writing and communication skills in preparation for Upper School.


Many people view creativity as an innate gift. We know that creativity can be learned. From writing, painting, filmmaking, and sculpture, to music, dancing, and acting, girls use the creative process to explore, master skills and concepts, and provide peer feedback. Our 8th grade Ensemble program gives students ample time to explore in depth each discipline and deepen their mastery in artistic endeavors.

Independent Thinking

Middle School is the perfect age to learn not only about civil discourse but also how to discuss issues intellectually. Supported by research, our girls explore, develop, and even challenge their own beliefs.  This results in their ability to both defend their position and understand someone else’s perspective. 

Community Service

Service Learning offers St. Mary’s girls an opportunity for a long-term service experience through tutoring and mentoring at our service learning partner, Binghampton Christian Academy. At a time of rapid change in an adolescent girl’s life, our 7th graders begin to see beyond themselves to learn to serve others, and to understand their place in the world.

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