Encouraging Mind and Body Wellness

Middle school is an important time for social, emotional, physical, and academic development. During this time, mind and body wellness is pivotal to healthy adolescent development. Throughout middle school, our students focus on mind and body wellness in various ways. 
In 6th grade, students take Mind, Soul, Body, a course designed to help the transition to middle school. Students learn about their learning styles, how to develop study skills, and organization tips. Students also learn coping strategies like deep breathing, developing gratitude, and practicing mindfulness. They are asked to reflect on their own strengths, interests, and family history to cultivate confidence in who they are. The class explores healthy friendships, developing empathy and compassion for others, and what it means to be an upstander. 

In the 7th grade Community Connections class, students learn to look outward at the community around them. The course focuses on the unique issues facing the Memphis community and why engaging with our community is important. Students participate in hands-on service activities like making cards for MIFA clients and volunteering with Meals on Wheels. The students are also hosting a non-slip socks drive. They collected 333 socks in the first quarter and are still collecting donations.

All middle school students participate in Digital Citizenship, where we discuss healthy habits for using the internet. The course examines finding balance with media use, the impact of social media on our brains, and how to recognize and stand up against cyberbullying. 
As a counselor, it is such a joy seeing your girls grow and develop throughout their middle school years. If your daughter needs guidance or support, please encourage her to reach out to a counselor or contact a division-level counselor.

Andrea Peredo
Middle School Counselor

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