Meet the Faculty: Leanne Hinkle, MS French

Middle School French teacher Leanne Hinkle loves to share her passion for the French language and culture with her students. Her favorite lessons involve French history. “I love teaching about French history, particularly the Norman Conquest and how it changed the trajectory of Franco-English relations as well as the English language.”

Madame Hinkle joined St. Mary’s last fall, but she’s a veteran teacher with 22 years of experience teaching French. Her love for the French language and the cultures of French-speaking people is apparent in her classroom and her teaching. “I love that my students are interested in and want to explore many different aspects of the language or the culture. That makes every year unique, especially as what is defined as ‘French culture’ has evolved since I first started teaching.” 

Her passion for teaching makes her an excellent fit for the St. Mary’s community. “There is a unique vibe in a St. Mary's classroom that is a product of the diversity of the girls, an atmosphere that is simultaneously competitive and cooperative, as well as a level of compassion that both students and faculty openly exhibit.” 

Leanne Hinkle
Middle School French

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