Tackling Equations With Confidence

Meet Lynda Lyttle, Middle School Math Teacher

“I hope by the end of the year my students learn to be the students they are capable of being, each reaching her individual potential,” said St. Mary’s veteran teacher, Lynda Lyttle. For 36 years, Ms. Lyttle has taught St. Mary’s Middle School students how to tackle equations, giving them the skills they need to confidently solve for any variable. 

“I especially love teaching middle school girls,” she says. “I hope I help them navigate that difficult time of growing up – that is why we laugh a lot in my classes.” 

Ms. Lyttle’s classroom is not only a fun, laughter-filled place, but it is also a space where students grow both academically and personally. 

“I try to teach different ways of doing problems, thinking through the problems, and solving the problems,” she says. As Middle School students learn valuable math skills from Ms. Lyttle, they simultaneously absorb her valuable life lessons about growing up and advocating for oneself. 

“We all have to figure out how to make ourselves successful in whatever we do,” says Ms. Lyttle.

Ms. Lyttle attended Arkansas State University. She began her graduate studies in Guidance and Counseling but soon realized that teaching Algebra was her calling.

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