Turkey Cents

The 7th grade participates in Turkey Cents, a course that teaches personal financial management skills. Our 7th Grade Algebra Teacher Marcy Kueffner uses Junior Achievement’s financial literacy program to teach valuable lessons about basic money management. The program’s curriculum covers the importance of saving and how to save, taxes, an overview of debit cards and credit cards, key tips on using credit wisely, and how to create a personal budget. 

The program uses interactive activities, such as the Savvy Shopper game, to offer practical application of the lessons in the curriculum. In Savvy Shopper, students decide whether to use debit or credit to make various purchases with the goal of ending the game with zero debt. 

Upon completion of the curriculum, students participate in a simulation that puts their financial knowledge to the test, requiring them to make decisions about budgeting, spending, and saving in real-life scenarios. Turkey Cents enables our girls to make intelligent financial decisions—a skill that lasts a lifetime.

  • Middle School

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