Building Healthy Habits

Upper School Health and Wellness Teacher, Jessica Seebeck, works with 9th-grade girls to build healthy habits. Jessica is a licensed clinical social worker and trauma-informed yoga instructor who brings her background in healing into the classroom.

In the Mind and Body Wellness course, the girls tackle a range of topics related to physical and mental wellness. They learn about coping with anxiety, understanding eating disorders, and dealing with conflict. Jessica partnered with Upper School Counselor Allison Parker for an educational session on healthy and unhealthy relationships. Recently, Jessica invited dietitian Raye Mullis to class to talk to students about the science of nutrients, covering macronutrients, micronutrients, and hormones. The class discussed debunked myths around labeling foods in terms like good or bad. 

Jessica's class blends mind and body wellness to prepare students for success in Upper School and far beyond. Her openness to discussion and conversations surrounding these topics creates a welcoming environment for the girls where they can learn and share their own experiences.

Jessica also sponsors the INSPIre Club, which focuses on spreading awareness of mental, physical, and nutritional health around the St. Mary’s community. The club offers activities and opportunities to improve wellness, including posting messages of self-love around campus.

  • Upper School

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