Junior Lends Voice to Mayor’s Office

Bianca Dishmon ’24

St. Mary’s student Bianca Dishmon ’24 was one of 30 volunteers and only two students selected for “Our Next Era” Planning Committee, an initiative of recently re-elected Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris. 

The committee, comprised of community leaders from various fields and areas of expertise, was tasked with providing ideas and solutions to help guide the Harris Administration’s next term. Dishmon and one other student were selected to participate from a pool of 150 applicants for the commitee.

Dishmon says she was happy to provide a voice to area students and youth on the issues that impact them. 

“I think it was helpful for the other members of the committee to hear a youth perspective on local issues and understand how local government can better connect with younger members of the community.” 

The committee began meeting in late September and recently provided their recommendations to Mayor Harris and his team. 

As one of the youngest committee members, Dishmon appreciated the opportunity to learn from the diverse group of professionals, advocates, and experts. She enjoyed learning how other members were active, engaged, and making a difference in the community.

“I loved the opportunity to be a part of something that could potentially have such an impact and aid the Memphis community,” she said.

The planning committee was divided into five subcommittees. Dishmon was a member of the Community Empowerment subcommittee. 

“Our main objective was figuring out how we can foster a better connection between the Memphis community and government officials,” she shared. “During my time on the subcommittee, I was able to develop a better understanding of the current relationship between Memphis citizens and government officials, and helped formulate ideas to effectively combat the current gaps in communication between government and people.”

From the experience, Dishmon gained valuable skills in leadership and collaboration that can easily transfer to her roles as St. Mary’s junior class co-president, staff editor for the Tatler, and member of the Mock Trial team. We are incredibly proud of Dishmon for her drive and desire to make an impact in our community.

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