Youth and Government Conference

Dr. Dalton Lyon traveled with a group of girls interested in legislation to Nashville, Tennessee. This was the first conference that has been held in 3 years due to COVID-19 and everyone was so excited to be back in action! This conference gives students the opportunity to to have a hands-on experience in state government. Students can serve as senators or representatives, as justices and lawyers, as department commissioners and lobbyists, or as press corps members.

Many of our students served as officers during this year’s conference. Hita Mohan was Speaker of the House and Alexandra Touliatos was Lieutenant Governor. Gracie Gerhart presided in the Blue House. Camille Smith was an Associate Justice and Fia Arbelaez was the Attorney General, serving in the Supreme Court. Both Camille and Fia were re-elected to serve next year in those same positions.

Our participating students won a record number of awards and honors this year. Anum Raza and Anna Smith won the Outstanding Novice Brief Award and were the winners of the Final Case in the Novice Division in the Supreme Court. Lilly Karnes won the Outstanding Governor’s Cabinet Officer Award. Reeya Sharma was elected to be the Head Lobbyist next year. Also, eight of our students won Outstanding Delegate Awards: Kris Bowling, Abby Neal, Angela Roberts, Charlie LaMountain, Anna Douglas Piper, Jourdan Russell, Kate Wolfkill, and Naomi Betapudi. Kris and Abby also won an Outstanding Bill Award. Five of our bill teams had their legislation signed into law by the Governor.

Finally, Hita Mohan was given the Outstanding Servant Leader Award. This award is chosen by fellow officers and is the highest honor of the conference. We are so proud of all these girls have accomplished during their time at Youth in Government.

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