Strategic Plan

The mission of St. Mary's Episcopal School is  to provide a superior educational experience for girls which will encourage and enable each student to reach her individual potential. 

St. Mary’s soon will celebrate its 175th year of providing a superior educational experience for girls. This excellence can be measured by a long history of student achievement. In fact, in order to find academic peers among independent day schools, one has to look to girls schools in New York, Connecticut, DC, Ohio, Texas, and California.

Excellence, however, is not measured merely in numbers. It is cultivated in a school environment that supports and encourages each girl to reach her individual potential. Not surprisingly, consistently half of our senior classes include students who have been with us since kindergarten. And St. Mary’s is a destination school for faculty.

Success is not static or guaranteed, and St. Mary’s also must grow with the community it serves. Strong academics and a supportive environment are sustained by ongoing intentional action guided by a strategic roadmap. The aspirational plan outlined here affirms our commitment to our mission through

  • excellence in teaching and learning;
  • our Episcopal identity, that cultivates diversity and unity;
  • long-term sustainability to ensure our future health; and
  • meaningful relationships with our community.

The work on this strategic plan that follows began in the summer of 2018 and has drawn on the wisdom of every constituency. This vision is the culmination of extensive work conducted by the Strategic Planning Task Force of the Board and groups composed of trustees, parents, alumnae, faculty, and staff. We further aligned our work through the process and leadership of October 2019 SAIS re-accreditation. The plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2019 with the purpose of advancing our Mission and Values through an ongoing commitment to excellence in education.

We are committed to continue to give our students the best educational environment in which to meet and exceed the challenges of our rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Albert L. Throckmorton
Head of School