You hear it all the time. Magic happens at St. Mary’s.

And that magic comes from the combination of a dedicated faculty, an innovative teaching environment, and a foundational philosophy that the most important classroom tool is a personal connection between teacher and student.In addition to getting to know each girl, how she learns, and what motivates her to excel, our teaching staff collaborates to ensure a personalized learning experience for every student. 

Quick Facts

  • 72% of Faculty and Administration have advanced degrees
  • 19 years average teaching experience
  • 9:1 student to faculty ratio

4 Points of Pride about our faculty

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Our Divisions

Little girl painting plate in all girls school classroom Memphis, TN

Early Childhood

In the Marlene R. Shaw Early Childhood Center, each day is a new adventure full of wonder and discovery. Our youngest
St. Mary's girls start their journeys in an environment that is steeped in language and filled with a spirit of independence and inquiry.

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Little girl taking notes at girls school classroom Memphis, TN

Lower School

In Lower School, specialist teachers collaborate with our talented, loving classroom teachers to create a dynamic environment designed to engage and ignite young girls' minds. The hands-on curriculum teaches students invaluable lessons about problem-solving, tenacity, creativity, and cooperation.

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Two girls in graduation gowns at Memphis, TN all girls school

Middle School

Middle School is a time of transformation. A dedicated faculty - who know both the ins and outs of their subject matter, as well as the ups and downs of a girl's life during these critical years - challenges students to develop the reading, writing, and thinking skills they need for Upper School, college, and life.

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Two girls in graduation gowns at Memphis, TN all girls school

Upper School

In Upper School, students are immersed in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that extends beyond the classroom to provide real-life experiences. From the performance stage to community outreach, from the athletic field to Chapel, St. Mary's girls learn to collaborate, inspire others, and achieve their goals.

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We trust each other..

Because of the Honor Code, students at St. Mary’s are surrounded by a community of trust. They trust their classmates with their work and their belongings. The teachers have faith that the work they receive is honest. The trust between classmates and between students and teachers allows deeper bonds to form, creating a richer culture at St. Mary’s.

-Ginny B.