Middle School

Our Middle School is for girls in grades six through eight. During these years, our students are beginning to develop into confident, intellectual young women. At the same time, they do so with the vibrancy and enthusiasm of young girls.

An extremely dedicated faculty work hard each day to challenge our students to become the readers, writers and thinkers, the budding artists, scientists, and historians they will need to be for the Upper School and beyond.

Yet while we take what we do seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Middle School, after all, should be a time of opportunity. A time to try a new sport. To learn how to play an instrument. To forge friendships which can last a lifetime.

By the time our girls are ready to move on, they have an inkling of who they are as young adults and what passions they wish to pursue in the years ahead.

Katherine House
Head of Middle School

Middle School Office Contact
Jeanne Miller