Clubs & Organizations

Leadership is more than being "in charge."

In order to be an effective leader, a girl must first participate, be a member of a team, learn to work well with others, and learn from those who see the world differently. All of this happens everyday at St. Mary's, in and out of the classroom. Our girls participate in volunteer efforts in the Memphis community not because it's required, but because they believe it's their responsibility.

Beginning in Middle School, students leave campus each week to serve during the school day and be in relationship with those whom they are serving. St. Mary's girls are recognized wherever they go for how they conduct themselves and how they treat others. They graduate and take leadership positions in their colleges and universities and in the communities around the world where they live and work. 

Honor Societies

There are several national organizations which sponsor chapters at St. Mary's.  They are listed below with the minimum requirements for membership.

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs offer open membership either with or without dues. Elected club leaders schedule regular meetings and special events. Descriptions of clubs are listed.


Five publications, all led by student editors and committees, receive local and national honors on a regular basis. Leadership can be found in a separate extra-curricular guide. Applications may be made to the advisor of a publication in the spring prior to the school year.