Tuition & Financial Aid

An independent school education is a financial investment.

St. Mary's is proud to offer an all-girls private school education in Memphis, TN, for girls ages 2 through grade 12, and we are committed to providing an exceptional opportunity to all of our students.  A St. Mary's education is an investment in your daughter's future which brings significant returns throughout your daughter's life.  

St. Mary’s seeks to enroll students who are curious, compassionate and engaged regardless of a family's ability to pay. Approximately 20 percent of the student body will receive over $1.6 million in need-based financial aid with an average award of $10,000. St. Mary’s offers need-based financial aid and is need-blind for admission. Admission decisions are made separately from financial aid determinations. Families receive an estimated financial aid package at the time of their admission decision. 

St. Mary's offers parents the widest range of schedule options in Memphis. Early Childhood parents can select from 30 schedule options for children in St. Mary's Place (2 years old) through Junior Kindergarten. Additional information regarding tuition, fees, and schedules may be obtained by contacting Director of Admission Nicole Hernandez at 901-537-1465.

Tuition 2024-2025

Fees, Tuition Assistance, and Payment

“St. Mary’s instilled in me the unshakable belief that I am intelligent, skilled, and worthy. Our school celebrates women in a way that encourages us to pursue our passions.”
Sarah Spiers ’13
Development Director, Electronic Arts
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Games