Astonishing. Expansive. Inclusive.

The Fine Arts are an integral part of the St. Mary's curriculum, with a philosophy that's simple: From her very first day, each girl explores her interests and creativity through curiosity and collaboration, discovers her unique talents, and finds her own perspective.

A Journey of Discovery

A synergy of hands-on arts experiences – from self-portraits in Senior Kindergarten to stage-managing plays in Middle School to riffing a ukulele solo in the Upper School Christmas concert – allows each student to be a part of a vibrant artistic community. Further exploration of the arts comes through robust programs in which a student tests her talents, takes risks and practices self-expression.

Our student artists find inspiration not only within themselves, but through the leadership of an outstanding performing and visual arts faculty of professional artists, performers, and directors who are passionate about helping each student discover her full artistic potential.

Every year, dozens of our performing and visual artists receive accolades and honors, including performing with the All West Tennessee bands and orchestra, being recognized at the Orpheum Theater's High School Musical Awards, and being honored at the regional and national level in the Scholastic Arts competition.