Visual Arts

visual arts at St. Mary's

Our visual arts program enables every student to experience success in the creative process while fostering the intellectual skills of observation, critical thinking, inquiry, and problem solving. To that end, our teaching method emphasizes active participation and experiential learning, providing an atmosphere for open-ended responses, reflection, collaboration, improvisation, and the application of the principals and elements of art within a meaningful context.

All students in Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School participate in art classes, and instruction in these courses combines art history and studio experiences and often includes interdisciplinary collaboration.

Eighth grade students study art in the context of our Ensemble Integrated Arts curriculum, in which students develop an understanding of the creative process by rotating through classes in filmmaking, dance, drama, and visual art.

Upper School students may choose from several studio and art history courses as electives, including AP Studio Art and AP Art History.

The Fine Arts Club, as well as after school and summer art classes, provides extra-curricular enrichment opportunities for interested students. See our Auxiliary Programs page for summer art camps and classes!