Clubs & Organizations

We have always been a community of leaders. Our girls participate in volunteer efforts in the Memphis community not because it's required, but because they believe it's their responsibility. Beginning in Middle School, St. Mary's girls leave campus each week to serve during the school day and be in relationship with those they are serving. St. Mary's girls are recognized wherever they go for how they conduct themselves and how they treat others. Our girls graduate and take leadership positions in their colleges and universities and in the communities around the world where they live and work.

St. Mary’s provides and continually enhances a program of co-curricular activities including athletics, arts, clubs and organizations, and community service. These activities complement the academic program and encourage girls to grow and mature into responsible human beings. St. Mary’s also encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities outside the school in order to pursue their special areas of interest.

  • Art Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Bella Vista
  • Chinese Club
  • Debate Club
  • Diversity Club
  • Drama Club (Masque)
  • Environmental Club
  • French Club
  • Government Club (Model UN and Youth in Government)
  • I Am That Girl
  • Latin Club
  • Library Ambassadors
  • Mock Trial
  • Pep Club
  • Service Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Speech
  • Student Ambassador Board (SAB)
  • Visual Arts Club

Student Council

Purpose: To provide a forum for student expression, to develop leadership, to promote school spirit and student morale, to establish good student-teacher relations, to provide student activities, and to assist in the management of the school.

The Student Council meets weekly and as needed for special projects, such as Big Sister/Back-to-School Party, summer leadership workshop, Derby Day, Halloween Bazaar, winter formal, Gobbler 5K, talent shows, and elections/campaign weekend. Each project requires additional time commitments from the students involved in planning and directing the project.

Honor Council

Purpose: To create an atmosphere of honesty and integrity among the students and faculty members.

The Honor Council preserves the atmosphere of trust within the school community, oversees and enforces the Honor Code, takes responsibility for determining if a student has disobeyed the Honor Code, and also takes responsibility for helping her understand that what she has done is wrong. The Honor Council’s job is to educate the students about the Honor System. The Council consists of two elected representatives from each grade 9 through 11 and five members from the Senior class.

Honor Societies

  • National Beta Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Cliosophic Society
  • M Club
  • STEM Society
  • Tri M Music Honor Society
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • National Spanish Honor Society
  • National French Honor Society