Planned Giving

Make a lasting gift to St. Mary's, and help future generations of
girls reach their full potential.


We invite you to join the Margaret R. Hyde Society, a distinguished group of alumnae, former teachers and staff, and friends of the school who believe deeply in the mission of St. Mary's. Your leadership will encourage future members to consider planned giving opportunities that will have a lasting impact.

Please talk with your professional financial advisors to learn of the many planned giving options available to you. For more information contact Angie Gardner at or 901-537-1421.

Margaret R. Hyde Society

Members of the Margaret R. Hyde Society have taken steps to make a future gift to the school through their estate plans, demonstrating extraordinary concern for St. Mary’s. The following alumnae and friends of St. Mary’s have made such plans for the school through their wills and other estate plans.

Anonymous (3)
Cathy Hoover Allen '65
Lee & Annette Askew
Katherine Brown Bailey '25*
Catherine Dailey Berger '71
Chloe Burch '29*
Geoffrey Butler
Marilyn Rhea Cheeseman '77
Margaret Chesney '91
Jo McKinnon Chism '36*
Madge Clark
Lisa Moore Cook '82
Mary M. Davis*
Charlotte Day '72
Chip & Tricia Dudley
Allison Pitcock Fentress '76
Valerie Futris Fisher '74
James Fri*
Kathryn Haggitt Garrison '86
Kathy Buckman Gibson '80
Mary Hills Gill
Gigi Gould '70
Suzanne Goza*
Susan Whitten Graber '86
Florence Greenwood*
Deborah Caldwell Halvis '73
Pauline Fisher Handrahan '47
Jason & Nicole Hernandez
Margaret R. Hyde*
Barbara Kabakoff
Jennifer Kaiser '00 Tom & Ann Kavanagh
Lucy Loveless
Julie Lyman
Stevens & Jeanette Martin
Julia Chesney McDonald '96
Sanjeev & Vandana Mittal
James & Bond Nunn Moore '71

Jamie Morano '94
Joe & Brandon Garrott Morrison '83
Brooke Morrow '74
Greg & Lisa Morrow Morten '76
Gordon & Ginia Knapp Northcutt '81
Cecil* & Nancy Little Oliver '45*
Peggy O'Sullivan*
Hallie Peyton '82
Jekka Ashman Pinckney '78
Cynthia Pitcock
Deborah Poodry '69
John & Amy Swanson Presley '84
Ashley Moore Remmers '72
Carol Fri Robinson '78
Holly Rogers '68
Mandy Rough
Betty Thompson Russell '39*
Joey & Kristi Schaeffer
Art Seessel
Miles & Ginger Hicks Smith '73
Harry Solmson*
Robert & Jackie Solmson
Milner Stanton '73
Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner '66

Patrick & Amanda Grebe Tamburrino
Jim Taylor
Nancy Thomas
Tricia Hood Thomas ‘90
Stephen & Chalmers Peyton Valentine '80
Bill & Carmine Vaughan
Jim Warner
Ben & Roberta Whitten
Peggy Williamson
Chris Wright Wilson '68
Marlin & Catherine Robilio Womack '82
Bill Falvey & Emily Woodside
David and Ginny Waller Zanca '76

*indicates deceased