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The following are guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Shelby County Health Department, and the St. Mary’s Health Center.

What you can do at home to be prepared for illness:

  1. Check your daughter for illness before sending her to school
  2. Have a reliable thermometer on hand to check for fever
  3. Teach your child to cover her coughs and sneezes, wash hands often, to not touch her face, and not share food or drink
  4. Plan now for childcare at home before your child becomes ill
  5. Check first with your family’s healthcare provider if your daughter is showing signs of illness
  6. Call or email your daughter’s division office if she is home ill – let us know what illness your daughter has so we can be on the watch for that illness in the classroom

General Illness – Do not send your daughter to school with these symptoms:

  • Fever 100* or higher
  • Vomiting and / or diarrhea
  • Strep throat
  • Unexplained rash
  • Skin Infections
  • Undiagnosed redness or swelling of the eye
  • Sever Congestion
  • Productive cough
  • Feeling unwell and not up to a day at school

Returning to School – Your daughter may return to school:

  • 24 hours after being fever free without the aid of acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen
  • 24 hours after last vomiting or episode of diarrhea and back eating regular food
  • 24 hours after starting antibiotics for pink eye, strep throat or other bacterial infections
  • 24 hours after regaining strength and normal activity
  • 24 hours after being discharged from the hospital or emergency department
  • With doctor’s note after treatment of severe bacterial infection of the skin

If your daughter returns to school too soon she may slow her own recovery, infect her classmates, or catch another infection more easily. We will send your daughter home if she returns to school too soon, for her health and the health of her classmates.

Remember, if your daughter is not well enough to be at school, she is not well enough to attend birthday parties, sleepovers, sports practices/games or activities that put her into contact with other children.

Working together, we can slow and possibly stop the spread of many communicable illness.

Do not hesitate to call the St. Mary’s Health Center if you have any questions.

Judy Bearman, RN
Director of Health Services

Lindsay Adams, RN
ECC/LS Nurse

Caroline Williams, RN and Barbara Guyton, RN
MS/US Nurses

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