Student Life

Beyond the Classroom

There is so much more to a St. Mary's education than what happens in the classroom. Three quarters of St. Mary's girls are athletes and half of those are multi-sports athletes. More than half of the Upper School participates in music. We produce two plays a year in Upper School and one each in Lower and Middle School. Our Mock Trial team wins awards every year. Our girls don't have to choose between being students or athletes. They are both. And musicians. And thespians. And community volunteers.

Student of St. Mary's Episcopal School, a Private School For Girls in Memphis, TN, playing with paint in a classroom

Holly Hensarling
Director of Student Life
901- 537-1425


During the first week of school, freshmen and seniors spend a few days at a retreat at Victory Ranch in Bolivar, TN. This is a great bonding experience for the oldest and youngest students in Upper School.

Upper School

Honor Council

The Honor Council educates students about the Honor System, oversees and enforces the Honor Code, and helps maintain and preserve the atmosphere of trust within the school community. The Honor Council is responsible for determining whether or not a student has violated the Honor Code, and if so, helping her understand how she has done so. The Council consists of two elected representatives from each grade 9 through 11 and five representatives from the senior class.
Sponsors:  Dr. Stakem and Dr. Lyon

Student Council

The Student Council provides a forum for student expression, develops leadership, promotes school spirit and student morale, builds strong student-teacher relations, provides student activities, and assists in the management of the School. The Student Council meets weekly and as needed for special projects, such as Derby Day, the Halloween Bazaar, the Gobbler 5K, talent shows, and elections/campaign weekend. Each special project requires an additional time commitment for planning and directing.
Sponsor:  Mrs. Hensarling

St. Mary’s offers a number of things like clubs and sports that cater to the girl's individual interests and allow everyone to express themselves in different ways.