Bella Vista

Call Her Turkey: Dr. Rogers

In our new video-podcast-style series, hosted by Virginia Skipworth and Reeya Sharma, Dr. Rogers is naturally the first guest. Our fearless Head of Upper Schools answers questions ranging from her favorite season to her biggest regret.

Freaky Friday

On one Freaky Friday, it appears students take the place of teachers, but only one turkey can tell. Follow Yusra's journey as she tries to get to the bottom of this predicament.

15 Questions with Bella Vista

Based on the Vogue series, 15 Questions with Bella Vista follows some of our new teachers to learn more about them.

Invisible Work: Mr. Fyke and Mr. Hooper

The third episode of Invisible Work covers new security staff, Mr. Fyke and Mr. Hooper. 

Turkeys Take BuzzFeed Quizzes

Some of our favorite turkeys take BuzzFeed quizzes: Mr. Throckmorton corrects BuzzFeed's grammatical and syntactical mistakes, Shelby Williams has controversial culinary opinions, and Reeya Sharma hates on the color grey.

SMS Unsolved: The Buckman Ghost

Bella Vista investigates the Buckman Ghost with commentary from Ms. Garat, a long-time believer and Ms. Love, a ghost expert.

Senior Editor Spotlight: Georgia Carls

As BV prepares to say goodbye to their fearless leader, Georgia Carls discusses her history with Bella Vista and filmmaking as well as her hopes for the future, with commentary from Junior Editors Zoe and Ellis.

Behind the Scenes: The Sound of Music

Bella Vista followed the wonderful cast and crew of the spring musical through production.

What Do Teachers Think of Each Other?

We asked teachers what they thought about other teachers. Drama ensued.

The Newlywed Game

Which duo will be the best? Pairs of students and teachers compete to see who knows each other best.

Siblings or Dating?

Featuring Love Advice From Lyttle and Bob

Bella Vista took to the halls to take part in the viral trend where you ask people if they think a photo of two people are siblings or dating. Bonus features of dating advice with Lyttle and Bob.

Invisible Work: Security and Miss Kim

Bella Vista continues their series on the invisible work at St. Mary's with an exclusive with our beloved Miss Kim.

Bielskis: Day in the Life

Bella Vista follows Bielskis around for a day in her life.

Mini Interviews

Phoebe and McCall conduct a series of hilarious mini interviews with Whet Smith, Bob, various students and more!

Carpool Karaoke: SMS Edition

Bella Vista brings a new tradition to the table: carpool karaoke. With guest pairs Bielskis and Dunlap, Shifa and Fia, Segars and Ray and Blaney and Natalie, this video is hard not to enjoy.

Scare Cam

Bella Vista is back with their annual scare cam video.

Invisible Work: Chef Stav

On Bella Vista’s first episode of “Invisible Work”, we learn a little bit about our head chef.

Halloween Bazaar

Behind the scenes (and actual photos) from BV’s photo booth at the Halloween Bazaar!

Turkeys in France

Watch a dazzling vlog of our very own turkeys exploring France! Oo la la!

SMES Sports Coverage: S2E1

We're back with everyone's favorite sports coverage for season 2! This season, our favorite news anchors, Ellis and Zoe, give us up close and personal reports of soccer and volleyball.

Meet the New Teachers: Coloring Book Edition

There are so many new teachers at St. Mary's! Get to know some fun facts about them while they color in a coloring book.

What Are You Listening To?

Bella Vista takes again to the halls to see what our favorite turkey tunes are.

SMES Sports Coverage: S1E2

Bella Vista reporters visit tennis and lax games to get the inside scoop.

Who Knows Each Other Best?

Teachers and students compete to see which pair knows each other best.

A Day in the Life of Mrs. Love

Bella Vista follows the notorious Mrs. Love through her day to day routine.

2021-2022 Recap

Bella Vista has spent the whole year documenting and creating a year long video, showcasing the highlights of the school year: this is the product.

Rating Oscar's Looks

Students and teachers give their honest opinion on the looks at the Oscar's this year.

Hot Ones S1E1 - Meghan Aslin and Goodman

Bella Vista creates their own adaption of the hit YouTube series Hot Ones. Host Meghan Aslin asks guest Mrs. Goodman questions about funny stories at St. Mary's, questionable photos and more all while eating hot wings.

Song Association

After being given a word, students have 10 seconds to sing a song with that word in it.

The Gobble Shop

Bella Vista creates an artful showcase of the beloved Gobble Shop.

The Office- SMS Edition

An episode of The Office is filmed at St. Mary's.

Happy Valentine's Day

Bella Vista wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Criminal Minds: St. Mary's Edition

Watch the FBI at St. Mary's try to solve a murder. Will they catch the killer?

Clementine in the Corridors

Bella Vista parodies the popular TV show "Billy on the Street," gathering interesting statements from our peers as they rush through the hallways.

Midsummer Night's Dream Montage

A behind-the-scenes montage of the fall play: A Midsummer Night's Dream.

POV: Day in the Life of an SMS Girl

Walk a familiar path with an artistic take on daily life at St. Mary's!

Sister Holiday Challenge

Watch the Hedges, Jamiesons, and Stakems battle it out in holiday-themed challenges!

What Are You Listening To?

Bella Vista takes on the popular internet trend of asking people what they're listening to!

Who Is The Secret Student?

Watch your teachers scramble to figure out who is actually a secret student and see if the student can survive! Inspired by Jubilee's series on YouTube.

Scare Cam

Watch your peers get scared by Bella Vista staff members!

SMES Sports Coverage: S1E1

Anchors from SMS cover a volleyball and soccer game with player interviews, funny commentary and game play.

Halloween Bazaar

A short montage of the Halloween Bazaar covering some of the booths.

The Lax Scoop

Bella Vista joins Lacrosse for a week to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Gossip Girl Parody

Now that everyone's favorite Upper East Siders have left Netflix for good, Bella Vista has decided to bring the classic show to St. Mary's.

Hayden in the Halls

You've seen Billy on the street, but how about Hayden in the halls? We asked some random hallway turkeys a couple questions on their way to class.

Valentines Sister War

We put three teams of sisters head to head in a Valentine's themed competition. 

The Basketball Scoop

Bella Vista takes you behind the scenes of a typical Basketball practice.

Odd Man Out

This video was filmed by Georgia Carls and Mia Soefker, and edited by Georgia Carls and McKinley Gilmore.

The XC Scoop

Bella Vista goes in-depth for an afternoon with the Cross Country team.

The Friendship Test

Everyone who has taken chemistry at St. Mary's knows that it forms a special bond to our lovely resident chemist, Mrs. Dunlap. In this video, Ellie and Mrs. Dunlap test their knowledge with the Friendship Test. 

Testing YouTube DIYs

Five minute crafts? You've seen them all. Now, Bella Vista puts our own DIY skills to the test. 

The Not So Late Show, Ep 2

Not So Late Show host Bennett Vaughan is back! This time, she and special guest Faith Preston play a game to test their knowledge. 

Not So Late Show, Ep 1

Host Bennett Vaughan and special guest Ellie Smith play a tough game of Brand Wars in the first episode of the Not So Late Show. 

Mr. Valentine 2020

High School boys from around Memphis compete for the Turkey's affection in Mr. Valentine. 

The Making of the Addams Family

Bella Vista gets an all-access pass to the tedious process behind building a show. 

What's in the Box?

Bella Vista asked a few friends to put their hand in a mystery box....what will they discover?

A Look Inside the New Building

RIP Barth Gym. With construction underway and a cafeteria in our library, Bella Vista gets a sneak peek into the newest addition on the St. Mary's campus. 

The Friendship Game: Bielskis and DL

Mrs. Bielskis and Dr. Lyon attempt to recall facts about one another in this round of the Friendship Game.