Bella Vista

The Lax Scoop

Bella Vista joins Lacrosse for a week to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Gossip Girl Parody

Now that everyone's favorite Upper East Siders have left Netflix for good, Bella Vista has decided to bring the classic show to St. Mary's.

Hayden in the Halls

You've seen Billy on the street, but how about Hayden in the halls? We asked some random hallway turkeys a couple questions on their way to class.

Valentines Sister War

We put three teams of sisters head to head in a Valentine's themed competition. 

The Basketball Scoop

Bella Vista takes you behind the scenes of a typical Basketball practice.

Odd Man Out

This video was filmed by Georgia Carls and Mia Soefker, and edited by Georgia Carls and McKinley Gilmore.

The XC Scoop

Bella Vista goes in-depth for an afternoon with the Cross Country team.

The Friendship Test

Everyone who has taken chemistry at St. Mary's knows that it forms a special bond to our lovely resident chemist, Mrs. Dunlap. In this video, Ellie and Mrs. Dunlap test their knowledge with the Friendship Test. 

Testing YouTube DIYs

Five minute crafts? You've seen them all. Now, Bella Vista puts our own DIY skills to the test. 

The Not So Late Show, Ep 2

Not So Late Show host Bennett Vaughan is back! This time, she and special guest Faith Preston play a game to test their knowledge. 

Not So Late Show, Ep 1

Host Bennett Vaughan and special guest Ellie Smith play a tough game of Brand Wars in the first episode of the Not So Late Show. 

Mr. Valentine 2020

High School boys from around Memphis compete for the Turkey's affection in Mr. Valentine. 

The Making of the Addams Family

Bella Vista gets an all-access pass to the tedious process behind building a show. 

What's in the Box?

Bella Vista asked a few friends to put their hand in a mystery box....what will they discover?

A Look Inside the New Building

RIP Barth Gym. With construction underway and a cafeteria in our library, Bella Vista gets a sneak peek into the newest addition on the St. Mary's campus. 

The Friendship Game: Bielskis and DL

Mrs. Bielskis and Dr. Lyon attempt to recall facts about one another in this round of the Friendship Game.