The easiest way to sum up the Episcopal identity of St. Mary's is to say that it is an Episcopal school, not a school for Episcopal people. The Episcopal Church is a welcoming, respectful, inclusive community, and St. Mary's was founded as a school in that tradition. Students, faculty, and staff at St. Mary's transcend all creeds and religions.

Girls in the Middle and Upper Schools attend Chapel every day, while girls in the Early Childhood Center and Lower School attend Chapel once a week. Chapel serves as a time to gather as a community and to celebrate our shared life. We hear stories of faith, stories from our students, and the stories from guests who represent a wide spectrum of the best of the Memphis community. St Mary's strives to create an environment that is comfortable for both Christians and non-Christians, encouraging girls to find the love of God at work in each other and to seek truth in places they might not have otherwise looked. In such a community, acts of kindness are encouraged, and community service is expected.

The Episcopal identity affects the teachings of the faculty, and informs the decisions made by the staff, administration, and Board of Trustees. Our Episcopal ethos teaches us to respect the dignity of everyone we meet, allowing us to live more fully into our mission: to enable and encourage each student to reach her individual potential.

The St. Mary's Middle and Upper School campus is shared with the Church of the Holy Communion Episcopal.

St. Mary's School Prayer

Almighty God, Fountain of all wisdom, be with us, we pray thee, in our work today. Endue all the teachers with a sense of their responsibility, and with grace and strength for its fulfillment. Keep the students in health of mind and soul and body; make them diligent in study, guard their inexperience, and save them through all temptations. Bless the patrons and alumnae of this school, and enable us all, more and more each day, to advance in that knowledge which is eternal life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.