St. Mary's Community Fund

St. Mary's Community Fund

The St. Mary's Community Fund is a student organization formed for the purpose of educating young women about the importance of philanthropy through hands-on community service, fund raising, and grant making.

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Established in 1998, the St. Mary's Community Fund is a student-run organization that has granted over $450,000 to over 40 local agencies directly benefitting Mid-South children. It also promotes community service and provides experiences for young women to learn first-hand about philanthropy and grant making.

Each member involved in St. Mary's Community Fund volunteers through hands-on service within the funded agencies. In addition, they also participate in the entire grants process. By reading grant applications, presenting them at monthly committee meetings, organizing site visits, and choosing reliable and deserving grant recipients, the girls learn the process of philanthropy as well as its important effect in the community.

Committee members raise money through personal solicitations and fundraisers such as GIVE901 in the Middle and Upper Schools and Thanks a Million in the Lower School.

In 2017, the SMCF granted $35,000 to five different licensed non-profit Mid-South agencies. The agencies that benefited from grants are Books from Birth, Carpenter Art Garden, Exchange Club Family Center, Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, and Multi-National Ministries.

Grant Application

The deadline for submission is Friday, January 12, 2018, by noon.

2018 Grant Application
  • Agencies may be funded for up to four (4) consecutive years. If SMCF funding is obtained for a four year period, then the agency will not be able to apply for funding for the following two (2) years.
  • SMCF is no longer accepting grant applications from schools.