Gifts to the St. Mary’s Fund ensure that each girl has all she needs to learn, grow, and thrive so that she can leave here, ready to make the world a better place.

Your gift to the St. Mary’s Fund will help:

  • Attract and retain the most talented faculty and staff
  • Keep tuition increases to a minimum
  • promote the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of 825 students ages 2 to 12th grade
  • Create opportunities for girls to find their passion from arts to sciences
  • Ensure a safe school campus for students, faculty, staff, and guests
  • equip classrooms with technology to educate today's girls
  • expand explorative, leadership, and service learning opportunities
  • foster a competitive athletics program
  • strengthen student learning by ensuring faculty also learn and grow

Annual Giving Societies

St. Mary’s is honored to recognize caring community members who contribute to the St. Mary’s Fund through our distinguished giving societies. In addition to named recognition in the annual donor report, based on annual giving levels, donors will receive invitations to special events and activities throughout the year.

Lifetime Giving Societies

To recognize our most dedicated and generous supporters, St. Mary’s recognizes donors through three special lifetime giving societies. In addition to recognition in the annual donor report, these donors will also be included in special events and activities based on their giving. 

We chose to send our daughter to St. Mary’s because of its long history of educational excellence. St. Mary’s has exceeded our expectations. We have been thrilled with not only the quality of education but the quality of the community, which is allowing our daughter to thrive. As parents, it’s a community we are so pleased to be a part of as well. We are happy to give to St. Mary’s.

For More Information:

Emily Tipton
Director of Annual Giving
(901) 537-1437